“Through careful understanding of our needs and goals, and thoughtful application of the right skills and customized tools, Working Partner has produced quality and actionable results for us.”

Research and Learning

Sometimes, to ‘think out of the box,’ you need first to see the box you are in.  Research and learning can help organizations gain new insights into the context or issue in which they are working. Working Partner brings extensive capabilities in data collection, having conducted research on a broad range of issues in education, health, social services, the environment and the economy. Because data analysis does not always tell the whole story, we also lead and gather information from peer interviews, focus groups, and community forums.  In the end, we provide documents and make presentations that describe and analyze your issues, and offer insight into gaps, emerging trends, and key players.

Strategy and Implementation

Strategic planning is a uniquely creative process that starts with creating clarity about where you want to go and then mapping deliberate steps to get there most effectively.  Working Partner works with organizations in all phases of the strategic planning cycle; from those who want to understand where they are and how their objectives fit into the larger scheme of things, to those who are ready to establish visions and goals, to those who want to evaluate their progress and determine next steps. Once plans are made, we emphasize the importance of aligning organizational structure, resources, services and communications with your goals to deliver results with real impact.


Evaluation is an integral part of good strategic planning.  As well as measuring impact, evaluations help to clarify goals, refine strategies, improve implementation, engage stakeholders, and convince funders of the value of investing in a program. Working Partner works with clients to set success metrics, clarify data collection procedures, and develop systems for tracking and analyzing data.  Once results are in, we make sure that findings are clearly communicated so that clients can act on the results.

Collaborations/Community Engagement

Solutions to large issues often require diverse interests and organizations to work together. Working Partner brings deep experience in ‘community building,’ working with clients to bring stakeholders into a collaboration where all sides are heard and respected, resulting in positive community participation in crafting solutions.

Grant Writing

Successful grant writing takes time, commitment, experience, and persistence.  When organizations must compete with others for grant funding, Working Partner works with clients to identify their unique value-added and demonstrate their ability to deliver programs with impact.  As well as being clear and concise, our proposals are written to help our clients stand out among the competition.