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Convergence: How Five Trends will Reshape the Social Sector

Friday, February 19th, 2010

The nonprofit sector, like the rest of the nation, has been riveted by the first great economic crisis of the new century. This response is only natural, as the crisis threatens large numbers of organizations with, at the least, hard times, and at the worst, extinction. But this story is not about that crisis. The nonprofit sector is at an inflection point1 that will fundamentally reshape it long after the recession, when surviving nonprofits find themselves in a new reality — not just economically, but demographically, technologically and socially.  We call this shift NonprofitNext.

Research identified five key trends converging to reshape the social sector.  While each dynamic has profound implications for how nonprofits will do business in the future, it is their convergence that will transform the sector.  Get the full article here.