“Networks, relationships and alliances have become the strategy of choice for our time. That's why Working Partner has been so important to the success of our projects. They know the right approach and the right people to bring to the table to achieve results.”

What We Do

Working Partner is a Houston-based strategic planning and evaluation firm that offers the full range of strategic planning services, including: research, strategic project design, facilitation, project evaluation, community outreach, and grant-writing.  The tougher the project, the better; as well as working with clients who have specific organizational goals, Working Partner often tackles projects that require multi-jurisdictional, multi-disciplinary, and community-wide solutions. Indeed, we are one of only a few firms in Houston with comprehensive community outreach expertise and the tools designed to gain input, build awareness, and secure support for complex initiatives..

Our Team

Working Partner founder, Jessica Pugil, brings energy, creativity, hard work, and 23 years of strategic planning experience to every project.  She has helped clients craft new directions, improve processes, communicate their successes, secure new funding, and make new connections that have allowed them to achieve their goals.  Because much of her work over the past 15 years has been within the Houston region, Jessica is well-acquainted with people in adjoining counties and possesses considerable knowledge of what’s what and who’s who in Houston.   Beyond her work in Houston, she has been engaged in rigorous evaluation projects in New Orleans and has worked with community and political leaders along the U.S.?Mexico border to bring new infrastructure to impoverished communities.

Collaborating Partners

To make sure that every client and project has the best expertise for their needs, Working Partner frequently collaborates with other consultants and firms who bring a certain expertise to the table.  Meet some of our favorite Collaborating Partners:

Keiji AsakuraKeiji Asakura. Keiji, co-founder of Asakura-Robinson, takes a Zen approach to landscape architecture and urban design, holding 28 years of experience in urban design, landscape architecture, and community planning throughout the US and internationally. Keiji places high regard on public service and has received many awards for his service, including special recognition from the City of Houston and the Texas Chapter of the American Society of Lanscape Architects. You can find Keiji at www.asakurarobinson.com.

Peter BishopDr. Peter Bishop. Peter is an Associate Professor of Strategic Foresight and Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Future Studies at the University of Houston. As well as running the Future Studies program Peter is active, locally and nationally, in applying techniques for long-term forecasting and planning, and facilitating groups in developing scenarios, visions, and strategic plans for the future. Peter also delivers keynote addresses and conducts seminars on the future for businesses, government, and non-profit organizations. You can learn more about Peter here.

Sharon EdwardsSharon Edwards. Sharon is President of The Cornerstone Consulting Group, based in Houston but with a significant national reach. Sharon has worked with some of the nation’s largest private philanthropies, through which she has developed substantial experience in program development and design, formation of collaborative ventures, and launching local, statewide, and national initiatives. You can learn more about Sharon’s immense talents at The Cornerstone Consulting Group.

Dr. Catherine (aka ‘Cache’) Steinberg
. Cache is the Senior Researcher with the Office of Community Projects in the Graduate College of Social Work at the University of Houston. Researcher-extraordinaire, Cache has over 25 years of experience in social service delivery, program development, and evaluations. She has worked with a wide range of community organizations in identifying indicators of need, explaining the logic of their processes and outcomes, and integrating feedback measures to enhance their performance. You can learn more about Cache here.