About Us

About Us

Founded in 2006, Working Partner is a Houston-based strategy and evaluation consulting firm created to address a critical need in the non-profit community.  Unlike most other advisors, we have a single focus: supporting mission-driven organizations to deliver more meaningful results and enjoy greater financial viability in an increasingly complex environment.


Working Partner helps clients move from ideas to action and action to results through four core practice areas.

As Strategy advisors, we create and help implement plans that translate ideas into strategic action, generating the policy and structural changes needed to deliver results. Our Capacity Building practice guides our clients through a comprehensive analysis of current readiness, capabilities and structure, and creates a blueprint for organizational improvement and trainings aimed at ensuring long term effectiveness and relevance. Our Evaluation work supports our partners in ensuring progress toward goals, by identifying and measuring critical markers of success.  Lastly, as experienced community organizers we help clients build valuable partnerships and meaningful Community Engagement.

Our Approach

Our name signals how we approach every client relationship. We start with an understanding of your goals then actively contribute—research, analysis, strategy, energy and experienced outside perspective—to build your organization’s capacity for success. We work as an extension of your team, collaborate seamlessly with your collaborators and share your passion for the mission.

While every engagement is as different as our partners are, our work is characterized by common guiding principles and values and beliefs:

  • We are community based. Successful efforts start with an understanding of how an issue is experienced by the people most affected by it. We supplement the efforts of dedicated local organizations and leaders with new insights, solutions and tools for engaging and serving their target communities.
  • We welcome challenges. We are committed to working with our partners to craft solutions to the most difficult social and environmental problems.
  • We are data-informed. We believe in data. Every project we undertake begins by building a solid foundation of valid, reliable information. We employ rigorous data collection and analysis methods to provide our partners with a clear, precise snapshot of the quantitative and qualitative context of their work and its outcomes, strengths and limitations.
  • We are curious. We are fueled by curiosity and the pleasure of working with others to make our communities better.
  • We build productive collaborations.  The complex issues involved to effect change require collaborative approaches. No organization working alone can impact such critically important issues as health equity or economic opportunity. We are adept at aligning the knowledge and experience of our partners with local stakeholders to build efficient, coherent, multidisciplinary initiatives.