How can a non-profit organization ensure that it will have the ability to deliver on its mission today and tomorrow? The Capacity Building practice at Working Partner is devoted to helping clients enhance their sustainability over time, gaining the efficiency, infrastructure or competencies required for continued positive impact on the communities they serve.

The road to “next-level maturity” is unique for each of our clients, but our approach always begins with rigorous, research-based discovery. We recognize that honest self-assessment can be challenging for many organizations. The Working Partner team guides our clients through a comprehensive analysis of current readiness, capabilities and structure, including financial vitality, partner and board engagement, data collection and communications. The resulting plan will serve as a blueprint for continuous organizational improvement, aimed at ensuring long term effectiveness and relevance. Additionally, insights from the discovery process itself can inform strategy, training and program planning, reveal organizational advantages and vulnerabilities and guide successful plan implementation.


Providing Health Care to Those In Need; Community Health Clinics in Harris County, 2015

Harris County Community Health Center Landscape Study

Following significant investment by local philanthropies in the community clinics that comprise Harris County’s health safety net, Working Partner conducted research to assess the services available, barriers to access, operating challenges and future outlook among community health clinics. Research methods included secondary data analysis and primary survey research and interviews. The project resulted in health center data reports for the Houston Health Funders Collaborative, stakeholder presentations and a comprehensive publicly available report, Providing Health Care to Those In Need; Community Health Clinics in Harris County, 2015″.

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