Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Working Partner believes three key questions are central to achieving success for mission-driven organizations: What are the needs of the community you want to serve? Who are the people you must engage to have impact? What are their relevant interests and priorities and how can those be harnessed into action?

The challenges our communities face today are complex, with multiple stakeholders in the mix and conflicting dynamics at play. Because we recognize that those closest to the problem are closest to the solution, we believe that engaging diverse stakeholders is the best way to effectively address issues and effect change. As a result, community engagement is a core aspect of our work. Working Partner is one of only a few firms in Houston with comprehensive community outreach expertise and the tools needed to gain input, build awareness, and secure support for community initiatives.

Our community engagement techniques include stakeholder identification tools, community surveys, stakeholder interviews, public workshops and forums, and targeted communication strategies.


Fifth Ward/Buffalo Bayou/East End Livable Centers Report

Livable Centers Report

Working Partner has connected residents for input on many critical community initiatives including the Fifth Ward/Buffalo Bayou/East End Livable Centers Report. We have implemented surveys, facilitated focus groups, hosted community tours, and key informant interviewed for many projects across our city. We also provide training and ongoing technical assistance to organizations that want to develop community engagement expertise within their own teams.

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